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Healing Palms




What is Fascia?


          Fascia is a full body sleeve of connective tissue just deep to the skin. Its function is to hold the skin taut onto the body and encases muscle groups and surrounds individual organs. Think of an orange: the white stringy part under the peel, and the individual segments are fascia.

            The largest concentrations of fascia in the body are across the lower back (Thoracolumbar Fascia), along the outside of the upper leg from above the hip to below the knee (Iliotibial/IT Band) and the bottom of the feet (Plantar Fascia)


What Problems Do We Experience D/T Tight Fascia?

Restrictions to muscle movement
Decreased mechanical advantage (increasing the amount of energy needed to do simple tasks)
Decreased range of motion
Iliotibial Band Syndrome / Plantar Fasciitis

Pain in : Upper back/Shoulders, Forarms, Lower back, Outer thighs, Achilles/Feet


 What Is Cupping and How Can It Help?

        Cupping uses suction to release tight fascial bonds, allowing muscles more room to move, stretch and strengthen. It helps to dissipate swelling and waste buildup beneath the skin. Alleviating pain caused by this swelling.

            After a treatment increasing H20 intake and using a cool compress can help to increase long lasting effects.


Does Cupping Cause Bruises?

          Stationary cups left on the body can cause blood vessels to break just below the skins surface. This has the appearance of a bruise but doesn’t hurt like it. (Like a hickey) A real bruise is painful because muscle tissue, containing blood vessels and nerve endings, are crushed. The level of suction used is not enough to cause damage to the nerve endings in the skin… therefor no residual pain, aside from the possible tenderness from a deep tissues massage (more suction =deeper tissue). These marks take approximately 7 days to disappear.

            Using a mobile technique the blood vessels below the skin are not commonly broken and any redness dissipates quite quickly.  ** This is the technique I use majority of the time**